Dear Valued customer,


We are planning a major upgrade of your email.  If you use a normal mail client you shouldn’t see any issues.  This system upgrade was necessary due to our longtime vendor Modus Mail moving away from providing a mail/webserver environment.  As a result of the necessary change we have setup a new system which we believe will help you to access your email faster and more efficiently.


Some quick tips that will help you get up and running right away in the new webmail system.  If you login to your new webmail and do not see all the folders you are used to seeing, most likely they are there. They are just not being displayed.  On your left side menu go to the very bottom where you will see a gear icon.  Click it and choose “manage Folders”




Once you enter the folders screen you will see a list of all your folders with either filled in or empty checkboxes.




Simply check the box that corresponds to the folder you’d like displayed on your main view of webmail.




Once this is done choose “Mail” from the upper right menu




On the main mail screen you will see that all checked folders will be displayed whenever you log into webmail.


If you have any issues and believe you may be missing anything you can always go back and double check by going to: or http://oldwebmail.yourdomain


Here you can view your old webmail and make sure you have everything you need.


If your contacts haven’t been migrated over you can export from the old system and import into the new address book.


You can do that by going to the old webmail and choosing contacts.



Then choose “export Contacts”



You will then save a .csv file on your local machine.  Then log into the new webmail and choose “address book” in the upper right corner.



Then choose the “import” icon in the upper left corner.



You will then be asked to upload a file of contacts.  Simply choose the file you just downloaded and

Choose “import”





If you need further information or assistance please contact support and they will be glad to assist you with any questions you have.